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Sep 24, 2012 12:00am EDT
company with governor romney on this point? >> excuse me? >> would you disagree with governor romney on this point? >> i have my own point of view. i think people still bleeb in the american dream. our duty as public servants is to make sure this is a country where everyone has an opportunity to pursue their dreams. the way i look at it, and i will expand on it more in the debate, i suppose. but the point is, if you look at the records, who has created more opportunities? i mention -- i mention welfare reform. those are folks who are down and out. even folks who are disabled want to work. i think that is a natural -- one of the great attributes and character riftics of all americans. they don't look at themselves as victims. they want a government that reflects their values and gives them the opportunity to reach their aspirations and be a role model for their children. >> governor. >> i don't think the question whether you agree with governor romney's statements, is hard. >> moderated by nbc's david gregory. this debate is courtesy of wrc tv, washington, d.c. watch the entire debate
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1